BenQ RP750K

75" | 4K UHD 

The BenQ RP704K, featuring an open-platform design, simultaneously taps into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom whilst also enabling modern enterprises to spark real-time collaboration. Several built-in tools address both audiences, driven by the latest in hardware innovation developed by BenQ.


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Top 10 Features

  • 4K UHD Resolution

  • 20 point Multi-Touch Interactivity

  • Smart Account Management System

  • Integrated wireless collaboration

  • Low blue light technology for reducing eye fatigue

  • Tempered anti-glare surface with a bacteria-resistant coating

  • NFCPen for taking notes with tap-and-write simplicity

  • Data-To-Go: QR code, USB, or display’s internal memory

  • Floating annotation tool (Compatible with any input source)

  • Multiple Display Administrator software

Additional Features

Supported Operating systems



  • Built-in EZWrite instant whiteboard

  • Built-in Zoom video conferencing app

  • Built-in WPS Office app

  • Built-in Media Player

  • QTouch Educational Software

  • Omnitapps Showcase

  • DisplayNote

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