BenQ RP8601K

86" | 4K UHD 

RP6501K is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help teachers build a healthy and engaging learning environment. Not only does the RP6501K come with the Air Quality Sensor, Germ-Resistant Screen and Eye-Care solution, but it is also installed with proficient cloud whiteboard for enhanced class participation and foster collaboration with students beyond locations and platforms whilst also enabling modern enterprises to spark real-time collaboration. Several built-in tools cater to both audiences, driven by the latest in hardware innovation developed by BenQ.


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Top 10 Features

  • Screen record mode, includes live voice recording.

  • Natural handwriting (improved 2 x touch resolution).

  • Integrated 2-way wireless collaboration capabilities.

  • Smart Account Management System with cloud access.

  • Air Quality monitoring via c02 concentration sensor.

  • Low blue light technology for reducing eye fatigue.

  • Tempered anti-glare surface with a bacteria-resistant coating.

  • NFCPen for taking notes with instant tap-and-write simplicity.

  • Adjustable screen capture (Compatible with any source).

  • Multiple Display Administrator software.

Additional Features

Supported Operating systems



  • Built-in EZWrite instant whiteboard

  • Built-in Zoom video conferencing app

  • Built-in WPS Office app

  • Built-in Media Player

  • QTouch Educational Software

  • Omnitapps Showcase

  • DisplayNote

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