sAMSUNG Flip (WM55H)

55" | 4K UHD 

The customisability of the Samsung Flip is what makes it the perfect tool to enhance teaching and keep students engaged. Each Samsung Flip display can be configured to either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on unique class needs, and features an optional portable, wheel-based stand for easy transportation and flexibility in class presentation.


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Top 10 Features

  • Highly intuitive UI with smartphone feel and familiarity.

  • Innovative touch display technology for smooth writing.

  • Instant note-taking and palm gesture based erasing.

  • Easy storage of all notes and lessons during the day.

  • Screen mirroring with compatible smart phones and tablets.

  • Email Integration for distribution of created content.

  • Turns on when the pen is removed from its holder.

  • Can rotate between landscape and portrait modes.

  • Versatile connectivity and an ergonomic design.

  • Portable, wheel-based stand (sold separately).

Additional Features

Supported Operating systems



  • Inbuilt Digital Whiteboard

  • Samsung Tizen Media Player

  • Web Browser 

  • Remote desktop

Countries Available






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